Which messaging app is better Whatsapp or Snapchat

There are many messaging apps which are used to send messages across the world. Initially, we were able to send only the text message only in our country and it was chargeable but after the online messaging app has come we can send the messages as well as images and documents through it to all over the world. In this article, we will discuss about two messaging apps which are Whatsapp and Snapchat.

Initially, Whatsapp was owned and developed by Jan Koum who is a Ukrainian and Snapchat is owned by Yahoo but Facebook tried to own both the famous messaging app but they were successful in getting the Whatsapp only and Snapchat is still with the Yahoo. Whatsapp is being used by the user's since 2009 whereas the Snapchat is used since 2011.


People who use this app think that there are many similarities in the Whatsapp and Snapchat but the only similarity between them is they are the messaging apps because Whatsapp have wide user's of all age categories but Snapchat is famous among young and adults. You can Also follow Heart Break Status to find more interesting quotes.

Difference between Whatsapp and Snapchat

To use the Whatsapp we have to login by using our cellular number only there is no other option whereas to create an account in Snapchat we can log in using email, facebook or by using the cellular number.

In WhatsApp, you can chat with your phone contacts only but in Snapchat we can find the user's by there username.

In Whatsapp we can upload a profile photo, we can upload cool WhatsApp status but in Snapchat we can upload an only profile photo.

Snapchat has more number of users compared to Whatsapp which is around 30 million users.

If we discuss the security then we can say that Whatsapp is more secure because it does not use cloud and there is a feature in it called textsecure and in Snapchat once hacker was able to hack it and stolen several videos and pictures.

Basically, Snapchat is used to share pictures and Best WhatsApp Status is used for text messages but in WhatsApp, we can send pictures and documents such as pdf files also.


We have discussed some of the similarities and difference about the Whatsapp and Snapchat which were the important ones but it is difficult to say which one is better because Snapchat is more famous in adults and Whatsapp is used by all age group according to their needs. So comment and tell which messaging app you feel better.

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